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WHAT IS UDU AFRICA? is the world’s NO. 1 online shopping destination For African Groceries, Fashion and Art & Craft. It makes it easy for people around the world to buy African Fashion Items, Arts and Nigerian Foodstuff at a very ridiculously cheap rate. For example: A customer can shop some local Nigerian food items from anywhere in the world through the website at almost the same price it is sold in Nigeria.

How Does It Work?

As an Udu Shopping Agent, your work is very easy. You help people shop online. There are thousands of Nigerians and non Nigerians around you who want to buy Nigerian food and Fashion Items but are scared of the Price and the outrageous shipping cost. Being an Udu shopping Agent, you bring the solution to them by:

  • Take products and designs from our online store and Post regularly on your WhatsApp Status and social media pages.
  • Reach out to people around you who are Nigerians or love to buy Nigerian/African products, and tell them what you do and they can place an order through you.
  • You can also send them your promo code so they can shop with it and get some discounts, while you still get your commission.

Why should people shop with you?

  • Their shipping cost drops drastically because you will order in bulk.
  • They get discounts on all items when they shop from you.
  • You relief them of stress

A lot of people are making thousands of dollars working as an Udu Shopping Agent. You should not be left out.

See what an Udu Shopping Agent Has to say:

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