Terms and Conditions

  • Every brand who wants to sell through us must be either a brand that is owned by African based in Africa or owned by African not based in Africa or owned by non-African but it’s based and operates from Africa. Any non-African brand that wants to sell through us, can only sell products that promote Africa i.e. products that display or portray Africa.
  • To sell through us, you have to register here www.uduafrica.com/brand-signup.  You get updates on the performance of your products and get tips based on our findings, on what to do to improve the performance of the sales of your products.
  • When uploading images of your products, make sure to send only the images of products from your brand.
  • The products you upload for sale must be available with you or can be made available within two to three days.
  • If the product is sold by you before we are able to sell it then you should notify us so we can take the products off our platform to avoid disappointing the buyers.
  • Every product you bring for sales will be inspected and scored based on quality. Any product that doesn’t meet up to the quality score will not be put up for sales.
  • Every brand is expected to understand how the prices arrived at on the store are gotten by looking at the Pricing Page on this website, as the page explains indepthly how the final prices of goods on the store page is gotten.
  • We would not be storing the goods for now, so as soon as a product has been ordered for, you get notified instantly and then you send the good to us and then we package it and deliver it to the customer.
  • The photo shoot that will be used for the marketing of the goods on our store will be done by Udu Africa but we will have to collect the goods intended to be marketed from you and returned after shoot. This arrangement is not permanent.


  • Performance: is the product performing the function it is made to perform
  • Additional Features e.g shoe coming with polish.
  • Reliability: the product wouldn’t fail at a particular time
  • Material used
  • Durability: life span
  • Aesthetics: Customer feedback
  • Perceived Quality by the product inspector before he uses the criteria.

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