• You can take a picture of the item you receive and also the delivery box that that was used to deliver your item and send to our mail or whatsapp number and then you’ll receive the item you ordered for within 5 days and we’ll take back the wrong one
    • OR. Return the item to our office and then you will receive the item you ordered for within 5working days

Please note that the wrong order must be in the same perfect condition for it to be replaced.

You will have to contact customer care to find out the tracking details of the goods and then after the conditions have been confirmed, you will receive the item.

Before you can add an item to your cart list, you have to choose the appropiate size for you. If there is an error in the size listing, then you can contact us and the item would be changed

You can track the location of the goods while its on its way, you’ll be given the tracking information of your goods which you’ll use to track the goods you ordered.

You can call or send us a message on whatsapp via +2348184981283, +2348135414010 or CLICK HERE to send your complaints or questions.

For now, we do not accept payment on delivery. This could be implemented later on. We assure you that any item you order will definitely get delivered to you in no time.

We offer door to door delivery and also meet-up delivery. You just let us know the most convenient for you.

Delivery is within 5 working days, including Saturday. Items like suits and Agbada takes 12 working days, including Saturday.


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